05 October 2008


A couple of political swipes, post debates.

I think the best lines from the English version of the leaders' debate in Canada came from Jack Layton (paraphrased from memory):

(On Harper's assessment of the economic situation): You either don't understand or you just don't care.

(To Stéphane Dion on his qualities as a leader, after noting the number of times the Liberals voted to keep the Tories in power - 43): You haven't been able to do your job as Leader of the Opposition, I don't know why you're running for Prime Minister.

For the most part, though, I found the debate somewhat annoying, as they all shouted over each other, demonstrating their rudeness. Is that a leadership quality we're all looking for?

The US Vice Presidential debate was not much better. They were more polite, yes, but Biden was trying not to attack Palin so as not to appear mean, even smiling at her calling him O'Biden at one point, and Palin was just bein' folksy, ignoring questions she was probably incapable of answering — er, answerin' — and talkin' about what she wanted to Joe Sixpack and the Hockey Moms.

The best spoof of all is this faux Facebook page I stole from here. (Go to the source to see it full size; it's worth reading the contents.)

Facebook afficianados will notice that it's the Old Facebook, which we all miss.

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