09 May 2010

Andersen's Inkwell

We went to see an excellent play this afternoon in a theatre full of parents and children.

It must be very difficult to create a piece of theatre that can entertain children and adults alike, but this Geordie Theatre production succeeds in doing it. Minimal sets, but with very effective use of a projection screen at the back of the stage, great costumes and really good acting.

The little match girl sitting under a snowfall of paper bits as the tall man cuts out a cityscape that mimics the one projected on the rear screen just after, the coming and going of characters in Dickensian outfits (probably Andersonian, but I'm quite unfamiliar with Danish couture at that particular time in history), it was well-staged and well acted. It was actually a plus to have children calling out "There's nothing there!" in response to the cloth for the Emperor's New Clothes or "I am!" when one of the characters asks who's there.

My personal favourite was Daniel Brochu in the role of the goblin. He was also good as one of the swindlers (of the Emperor's New Clothes), but the goblin role showed off his talent, voices and physical presence the best.

And in the end, the goblin Eric learns the value of books and reading, even if this might not be the message retained by some of the many children under the recommended age of six who were entertained anyway.

I would recommend going to see it, but I fear we just saw the last performance.

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