23 May 2010

Civic Vigilance

Even now I am wondering about the story behind this sight in the entryway of the Jean-Talon Métro station yesterday afternoon. But I will not likely have any answers.

As I rode up the escalator, I called my friend to see if he didn't want to join me on my shopping trip. He did, so I offered to wait where I was until he got there. As I stood in the nearly deserted entry space, I noticed this pile of things:

No one seemed to be connected to it. I started thinking that this is the classic case where news reports tell us "the authorities" have closed down an extensive area in an urban setting and sent in a robot to determine what this might be. I actually expected it to explode at any moment. But I didn't leave, because I was waiting for my friend and wanted to be where I promised I would be.

People just walked by, not taking any notice of this menacing sight. Even the officials of the Société des transports de Montreal (the transit authority) – well, I guess I should point out that only a couple of bus drivers went past – paid no attention.

At least I, the model of civic vigilance, took a picture with my phone.

All of this reflection just makes me think that we have become a little paranoid these days. Or the news has. I guess I watch too much news?

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