10 August 2008


After a few years of not doing so, I finally managed to find the time at the same time as I could find the fruit and made jam — twice in the space of a week!

On the left, the raspberry jam I made on 4 August. On the right, the raspberry-blueberry jam I made last night. Notice how the addition of blueberries makes it just a shade darker.

Here's a look at what the production looks like on the shelf above the remaining pickles that I made last year (plus some pickled peppers — not picked by Peter Piper — and a couple of purchased items I keep with them).

Martha Stewart might have dusted before taking this picture, but I have my limits. ;-)

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eby said...

oh Ken, I am envious of your jam making. i wish i could be in montreal for the harvest season, but alas, i am in the monsoon season instead. thanks for keeping up with my blog, by the way. i am glad someone is reading it. and keep blogging yourself, i always enjoy it.