02 August 2013

More Than Two Guns

I knew I would see this movie when I saw the trailer and it felt like Mark Wahlberg was calling me his bitch. *melt* The odd thing about a movie with such big stars as he and Denzel Washington was that I don’t actually recall having seen the trailer in the cinema before last week. They pulled out all the stops this week, though, with Scene e-mails offering double points for seeing it and other such flogging.

I did enjoy it, probably despite all the shooting. One might expect a lot of shooting in a movie called 2 Guns, and there were considerably more guns than two, and a lot of other weaponry as well. No, I liked it for the banter. There were smartass comments, there was flirting, winks were exchanged. Everything that sold me on seeing from the trailer and more.
The story is a little odd: our two heroes are undercover for different government agencies and each thinks he is pulling a sting on the other. What they end up doing is stealing a surprising amount of cash from the CIA — via a bank — and having that agency as well as a Mexican drug gang out to get them. Not to mention that their own agencies turn on them and are gunning for them as well.

I did learn some useful things, like “Never rob a bank across the street from a café that sells excellent doughnuts” (I’m paraphrasing: mere hours after seeing it I am rapidly losing details!). The masks they use to rob the bank reconfirmed my clown fetish (it may have helped that I knew it was Mark Wahlberg inside the clown). Apparently, peeing on your hands will keep them from blistering as you beat your captives. Oh, and Denzel Washington can give as good as he gets (bad grammar, but I believe that’s the expression), and this applies to the verbal and the violent.

You could get lost in the intrigue and the confusion of who is on whose side, or you can get swept up in the developing relationship between our two heroes. One thing for sure is that you will laugh your way through it.

An aside on the topic of laughing: there was a child in the cinema who I thought was rather young for the content. He seemed to be with his family, and had the loudest and most distinctive laugh of all. I just wonder if he got some of the more adult humour. Strange.

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