24 August 2013

PR12E06: Tim Gunn for the Save

After the long series of recaps made us relive much of the previous episode, this one started with an alarming sight: Tim Gunn in a camouflage suit! Not your army issue number, but a suit done in camo-patterned cloth. Alarming and hideous. But it was a prop, a way to tell us that the contestants were going camping…actually glamping, which is camping with better tents, beds, gourmet meals, etc.

The reactions of the contestants are mixed. Miranda really hopes they get to play paintball because “…I really want to shoot some people.” Ken: “I absolutely hate being outdoors and these mosquitoes are starting to get on my nerves.” But new sponsor Resource Natural Spring Water wanted a setting that would make us all think of freshness and nature in relation to their product. The designs that followed were not particularly water-centred, so I’m not sure if they will think they got their money’s worth.
After a day and night of outdoorsy activities (I’m not sure if that was Ken or Braden screaming like a scared little girl down the zip line…oh, who am I kidding? It was Ken!), the contestants return to Mood to buy fabric for their nature-inspired creations.

Best nature inspiration: Helen’s dead moth in the bathroom sink. Best capitalization on the gay couples theme with very little connection to the glamping trip: Jeremy with his long love letter to his husband, later translated in calligraphy on the fabric of his dress. Pander away, Jeremy. The judges can’t criticize that in any way without losing half their audience.

The critique section of the show is always fascinating. It is supposed to be providing guidance to each designer, but it turns into an occasion for the others to listen in and snicker about any cutting comments Tim might make. There’s also no shortage of cutaway commentary on the others’ looks, like this exchange about Alexandria’s outfit: “Is her whole outfit denim?” “Ya-hah.” Alexandria’s reaction follows from her heading off to sit alone at the glampsite: “I really have no friends here and I’m okay with that.” You just know they are setting us up for one of two outcomes here, a win or an exit for Alexandria.

Jeremy, with his immunity from last episode’s win, is particularly prolific in his commentary. “Alexander’s look is great, but I don’t understand the oil slick tacked to the back.” And on Kate’s: “All I see is a pregnant fairy strapped into a harness.”

Meanwhile, the hapless model (the one who had no hair or makeup at the beginning with unicorn boy) gets to the fitting in midday and Braden has only a collar for her to try on. She must be cursing her bad luck, but at least she gets thoroughly made up and coiffed for the show. (Completed dress above.)

By the time they get to the runway, everyone is dressed, which is good. They are also making such a big deal of the “anonymity” of the runway show this year, but the contestants are not particularly poker-faced or discreet with their reactions and comments to each other. The judges must have to completely block them out to avoid knowing who made what.

Guest judge Allison Williams (from the TV series Girls) is actually quite kind in her comments, so we’ll avoid hers and go with the best of the nasty from the others.

On Karen’s look:
  • “She looks a bit trashy to me. It’s a big old muumuu.” (Heidi. And yes, I checked the spelling of muumuu, which is from the Hawaiian.)
  • “Is it beach or is it rodeo?” (Nina)
  • “The ombré looks like a bit of runny eggs.” (Zac)

On Ken’s:
  • “B-O-R-I-N-G.” (Nina)
  • “Frog queen.” (Zac)

On Justin’s adventures with glue gun “lace”:
  • “Borderline Hallowe’en costume.” (Heidi)
  • “Frothing from the hip.” (Zac)
  • “She looks like she has a foaming vagina.” (Nina)
I felt bad for Justin on that and everyone gasped when Nina said the “V” word out loud. When he was working on it, his glue gun lace looked nice when it was a half-hidden highlight (in the space between the fabric and as a peekaboo trim), but he really got carried away and the comments, while nasty and over the top, were rather accurate.

Alexandra’s drop-crotch pants, which she revised to call a “pant skirt concept” and which Zac called “poopy pants”, ended up carrying the day. Zac was sold on them as they pooped their way down the runway, I guess. Oh yes, she of the poo-pooed denim and no friends won and has immunity for next week. Wasn’t this one of the possibilities I named at the beginning? Why yes it was. Right again.

Karen cried almost as much as Justin when Justin was selected to be sent home, but everyone got to cry for happy as Tim Gunn stepped in and used his one Tim Gunn Save for the season. That was also an excellent choice, as Justin has been consistently producing lovely outfits right up until going off the glue gun rails this week. Way to go Tim!


Anonymous said...

You really should be writing more about fashion and style, Ken. these are super pieces and I loved reading them. Thank you.

Ken Monteith said...

You're too kind Greer! Not sure that I know all that much about fashion, but TV and bitchy seems to be right up my alley! ;-)