24 August 2013

PR12E05: Choose Your Metaphors

So late with this! But I have to make myself write it before I allow myself to watch the next episode, so here it comes!

Yet another unconventional materials challenge! I’m beginning to suspect that something is wrong in the state of the show’s relationship with Mood, the fabric store, as they send the contestants to a vintage wallpaper store, a specialty food store and a combination home goods and party store. It’s actually a way for them to make their new sponsor, Lexus, more relevant, as they use the Lexus as inspiration and transportation.
Formation of the teams: Ken, Alexandria and Sue (Team Train Wreck). Ken’s commentary: “I am highly upset. Alexandria talks extremely too much and Sue…she don’t know how to make patterns, she don’t know how to do anything.” Meanwhile, Sue asks if Ken is going to be their chauffeur…why do you ask, Miss Daisy? Everyone else is just happy to not be on Team Train Wreck.

After the shopping, we are “treated” to a timid Sandro coming back to say his final good-bye. He actually doesn’t shout during his whole visit, but several of his [former] fellow contestants manage to make some snide comments about how happy they are that he is gone after he leaves.

It’s all about Team Train Wreck this week. Sue is her usual inept self with respect to all the basics of sewing and pattern-making, which results in her model ducking into the washroom on the way to the runway to sew the shoulder and not have to endure the ultimate wardrobe malfunction in front of us all.

When Tim does his check-in with everyone, Ken is smirking about the critique of his teammates, but gets called on it by Tim, who reminds him that they do have to present a coherent collection. The advice falls on deaf ears (not real deaf ears, figurative ones), as Ken later says “I just need to make sure that Ken has a garment that looks good.” Very team-y that.

If we thought we were going to miss Sandro and the drama he inevitably produced, we found a replacement in Ken. You’ve got to love “I’m speaking now, so I need you to be quiet. I would even suggest you not even to look at me.” That just oozes respect, doesn’t it? Alexandria, in yet another ‘skipped metaphor class that day’ moment, says that working with Ken is like “walking on glass”. Well, maybe it is worse than walking on eggshells, but I think she must have grown up in a tougher neighbourhood than the rest of us if what springs to her mind is walking on glass.

Their fabulous teamwork and meltdown on the runway, each throwing the others under the bus (with the glass, no doubt), led to the ominous pronouncement by Heidi that “one…or more of you will be out.” That calmed them down. In the end, the judges made the wise choice and kept the drama (Ken) and sent home the one who can’t really sew (Sue).

Worst outfit of the week on a designer: Karen and that headband. What was she thinking?!

Favourite (or most trite) lines from this episode:
  • “Clavicles are the new cleavage.” Guest judge June Ambrose.
  • “It just feels like a cocoon without a butterfly.” Zac Posen on Alexandria’s top.
  • “He made a really vavoomy shape on her and it looks automotive.” Zac again, obviously trying to please sponsor Lexus, but stretching a bit if he thought that “automotive” would be a compliment for a dress.
Oh yeah, Jeremy and his adorable accent won (for the “vavoomy, automotive” dress), disproving what I was sure would happen when he predicted a win for himself before the runway show.

Okay, now I can watch the next episode! (Review of that later today or tomorrow!)

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