25 October 2013

Spill it, milk company!

Unsatisfying doesn’t quite cover it. Annoying either. I would have to say that the recall of certain milk products that I heard about this morning on my radio, then on the television, then on the internet, left me feeling frustrated.

What I found in the company’s press release (by the way NOT published on their web site!) was a vague and unsatisfying direction to not consume certain products (best before dates and other identifiers included), but not explaining why. I wasn’t just driven by curiosity in all of this. No, I had just finished my breakfast with a lovely cold glass of milk and was starting to drink my morning coffee, again with milk. A quick check of the best before date and the other code confirmed that this was indeed the milk being recalled.

The problem for me is not just that I had already consumed two of the three bags of milk in the 4-litre milk pack that I had bought last week. The bigger problem is that my immune system is rather fragile and I haven’t received any indication of what might have been the problem. Should I be proactively seeking some kind of treatment to avoid bad effects of this product which “did not meet your quality standards” (from the press release). Come clean and tell us what the problem was and you will help me rebuild my trust of your product.

Oh, and your direction for me to return it to my store for a refund? Useless. I’m not willing to dig through my recycling bin to try to retrieve what might have been the receipt for it and then cart it all the way back to the store, hoping that they will refund me for an incomplete return. No, I snapped the picture above and then I dumped it. I hope the thing you are keeping from us is not something that will damage the environment as it works its way through the city’s treatment facilities.

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