01 October 2015

#61 To the Victims of Partisanship

Remember when Canada was being overrun by communists? Yeah, no one remembers that, because it didn’t happen. But the outgoing government seems in a big hurry to remember the dear old Cold War by erecting a large monument to the “Victims of Communism”. And where better to put it than on the grounds of the Supreme Court of Canada, blocking the view of that building from the western approach, and taking a prime space that had actually been planned to house a new Federal Court building.

Not that there is anything wrong with remembering a tragedy (or a series of tragedies) that happened to people elsewhere in the world. Why, that might even remind us how important it is for Canada to provide a safe haven for people fleeing oppression and war, which would seem quite topical today. But the choice of that particular spot to house this particular monument has been roundly criticized, given the scarcity of land along that street, which houses the primary institutions of the country.

Let’s just guess who is insisting on the monument and the location and for what reasons.

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If we want their votes
let’s memorialize their
tragic memories

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