07 October 2015

To Summarize…

Here’s a little run-down of my 78 Tory Wrongs series, with links to be updated for the topics to come for the rest of the campaign.

1. Misappropriation of the EI Fund
2. More advertising than action
3. Income splitting for the wealthy
4. Partisan distribution of child tax credits just before the campaign
5. End of home postal delivery
6. Terrorizing us all with their own “terrorism hoax
7. Bill C-51 compromising the rights of Canadians http://bit.ly/1EijMbP
8. Cuts to search and rescue services
9. Killing the Trans rights private member’s bill in the Senate 
10. Obsession with finding the Franklin Expedition ships
11. Changing the Museum of Civilization to the Museum of [War] History
12. Fetishizing the War of 1812
13. Tar sands http://bit.ly/1Jk9KwA
14. Intransigence on greenhouse gases/carbon emissions
15. The Nigel Wright/Mike Duffy affair
16. Senate spending scandals
17. Purely partisan (and numerous!) Senate appointments
18. Senate abolition by attrition
19. Bev Oda’s $16 orange juice (and expensive taste in hotels)
20. Peter McKay flying back from a fishing trip on an Armed Forces helicopter
21. Stephen Harper taking one of his children to a hockey game in Boston on a government jet
22. Centralizing the source of information in the PMO
23. Opaque government (fighting access to information)
24. Not meeting with the Premiers
25. Proroguing Parliament to save his own skin
26. The “In and Out” scandal
27. Election overspending in Labrador
28. Robocalls
29. Taking attack advertising to new lows
30. The [Un]Fair Elections Act
31. Muzzling scientists
32. Selling assets to “balance” the budget
33. Reducing funding for the CBC/Radio Canada
34. Cancellation of Federal Interim Health Plan for refugee claimants (and lying about it)
35. Closing Veteran’s Affairs offices
36. Cutting funding for women’s health groups
37. Cutting funding for environmental groups
38. Attempting to deny coverage to injured veterans
39. Going to war without a UN resolution
40. Imposing a faux “transparency” on First Nations governments
41. Chronic underfunding of First Nations reserves
42. Refusing to meet Chief Theresa Spence
43. Not committing to implement the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
44. Missing and Murdered Aboriginal women “not high on their radar”
45. Losing the UN Security Council seat
46. Unnuanced pro-Israel stance
47. The Omar Khadr case
48. The Raif Bhadawi case
49. The Mohamed Fahmi case
50. Endless photo ops
51. Announcing and re-announcing funding…without spending it
52. Not respecting their own fixed election date law…until now…and doubling the campaign length
53. Reliance on “omnibus” legislation
54. Negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership in secret
55. Missing the anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
56. Appointing a unilingual judge to the Supreme Court
57. Appointing an ineligible  judge to the Supreme Court
58. Publicly attacking the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
59. Replacing the Thérèse Casgrain award with the Prime Minister’s award
60. Trading Canadian art for portraits of the Queen in Canadian embassies
61. Monument to the “victims of communism
62. The “Mother Canada” monument
63. Opposition to InSite
64. Rules to make supervised injection services more difficult to open
65. Fighting (and losing) the Bedford case all the way to the Supreme Court
66. Adopting even worse anti-prostitution legislation
67. Mandatory minimum sentences
68. Consecutive life sentences
69. Preventing poverty “not a charitable purpose”
70. The long gun registry (ordering and pardoning law-breaking by the RCMP)
71. Killing the long-form census
72. Defunding the Court Challenges program
73. Depriving ex-patriates of the right to vote
74. Depriving refugee claimants of due process
75. Two-tier citizenship
76. “Safe” countries for deportation that aren’t
77. Demonizing refugee claimants as “queue-jumpers”
78. Welcoming back convicted felon and former Canadian Conrad Black

This list is, unfortunately, not exhaustive. Exasperating, excruciating, yes.

Do you suspect I might not be voting for these guys?

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