14 October 2015

#74 Due Process Lite

The outgoing government must be getting a little tired of this whole “constitution” thing. Unconstitutional this, overbroad that…will it never end? Not even defunding the Court Challenges Program brought it to a stop.

The Tories have tried for quite some time to demonize refugees as “queue jumpers “ (more about that later), but they tried to “streamline” the rejection process — er, the adjudication process — by depriving some refugee claimants of the right to appeal. Needless to say, the two classes of refugee claimants thing, each with a different level of procedural rights, didn’t go over very well in the courts.

So those darned “activist” judges gave back a right of appeal to people claiming refugee status from countries the government and the partisan-appointed adjudicators consider to be safe. Foiled again!

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Surprise! You can’t take
all the rights to appeal from
a class of people

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