02 October 2015

#62 Liberty Lite

Ah, the Mother Canada monument. Wait, what?

Yes, there are plans to erect a giant monument beckoning to Canada’s war dead, looking out across the Atlantic from what should be a pristine and protected park. Mother Canada is an invention, and its stated purpose can’t be seen as anything but cynical when you think of how the federal government has been treating the Canadian war living….veterans returning from conflict abroad with injuries physical and emotional who are being shuffled off, their claims for support challenged at every step.

And what of the mandate of Parks Canada to protect our national parks? Has this also been transformed by some sort of edict to make them “commercially viable” or “historically significant”, presumably by inventing historical figures in whose honour we can erect a useless statue that might strike one as a pale imitation of a certain more famous lady in a harbour to the south? The US lady beckons to refugees, inviting them to pursue their dreams; our “mother” will only call out to the dead.

I think the outgoing government has left enough of a legacy by despoiling the north and doesn’t need to despoil the east coast as well.

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Oh fictitious Dame
beckoning to our war dead
but not the living

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