01 September 2015

#31 Muting Science and Scientists

I suppose that it isn't enough to just ignore scientists and the data they produce with their research when you are making policy. You actually have to go out to actively suppress the data and silence the scientists who might dare to speak about their work.

It used to be possible for the professionals in the public service to speak their minds, at least in the process of policy development. That is an important part of making policies that will respond appropriately to the situations they are meant to address. That doesn't seem to happen anymore. Instead, we have public employees self-censoring to avoid being in conflict with the orientation of the government of the day, and scientists prevented from speaking about their work — even prevented from participating in research conferences to present their results — and sometimes asked to alter their conclusions for non-scientific reasons.

Ignoring science cannot be a good way to make our economy modern and responsive to reality (sort of like cutting funding for education and expecting that we will be world leaders in anything in the future). It just stinks of manipulation of the truth to get your way, and that is in no one's interest but he who pulls (or cuts) the strings.

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You can prove the truth
but if you can't share your work
“truth” can be respun

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