14 September 2015

#44 Crime and Sociology

Since Steve and the boys (probably) didn’t read the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, he likely missed this recommendation:

41. We call upon the federal government, in consultation with Aboriginal organizations, to appoint a public inquiry into the causes of, and remedies for, the disproportionate victimization of Aboriginal women and girls. The inquiry’s mandate would include:
     i. Investigation into missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.
    ii. Links to the intergenerational legacy of residential schools.

Not that he hasn’t heard the calls for this coming from across the country, mind you, he just hasn’t paid them heed. For Mr. Harper, the disappearance and/or murder of well over a thousand aboriginal women is a question of crime and not something bigger. Each one an individual crime, certainly not something to be linked to a broader malaise in our society that we might have to do something about in a preventive kind of way. That, he thinks, smacks of “sociology”, which is apparently a dirty word to him.

But when two individuals take it upon themselves to attack two different members of the Canadian Forces in two different cities using two different means, it is part of that broad thing we call “terrorism” and we must immediately strip all Canadians of certain rights in order to mobilise ourselves against this looming threat.

Chercher l’erreur, as we say in French.

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It’s a legacy
of what we did. We need to
stop and make it right

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