05 September 2015

#35 A Minister “Shirking” Duty

For a government that likes to glorify the military, one would think they might take better care of returning veterans.  Having offices across the country has been a method of ensuring accessibility to services for veterans of Canada's military, but the Tories seemed more interested in investing in the hardware of war than taking care of those who returned after having responded to the call of duty.

Veterans don't take these things lying down. As you can imagine, they are fighters and mobilized for protests all over the country. They even sent a delegation to Parliament Hill to meet the minister and present their grievances with the plan to “rationalize” services into fewer service centres across the country. This led us to the crazy spectacle of the minister responsible trying to avoid meeting with them, even almost running away, on live TV. A true act of bravery for someone who used to wear a uniform, even if it was a police uniform.

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Faced with a phalanx
of media and vets, the
minister retreats

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