06 September 2015

#36 Cutting Women's Health

You have to wonder whether there is something else behind the decision to cut the Women's Health Contribution Program, especially when it comes from a government whose ranks include oh-so-many pro-lifers, you know, the people who care more about “the unborn” than the already alive.

The research centres and communication networks the program used to fund before it was cut in 2012 studied issues like the impact of reducing environmental regulation on women's health, access to care for mothers and pregnant women who use drugs...all the favourite issues of the current regime.

They certainly don't like to have people demonstrating how their decision have negative impacts on anyone, and they certainly don't like to fund health programs for people they don't appear to like very much. You just know, too, that this is the kind of work they would find “too political” to be done by a charitable organization, further hampering the groups' abilities to find funding elsewhere.

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