08 September 2015

#38 Thank You for Your Service

So we have already seen how the outgoing government (I continue to get a little thrill of anticipation saying that) likes militarism, yet wants to save a few bucks by closing Veterans' Affairs offices. Surely they are doing better with the actual benefits, right? Wrong.

This military-friendly government has also managed to try to “contain” the cost of compensation to returning veterans who return damaged (injured physically or mentally) from their experiences in the field. The lfelong pension approach seemed too generous, I guess, so how about we replace it with a lump sum payment? The Prime Minister even defended it as the most generous in the world, despite easily findable information showing that the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States are much more financially supportive of their injured veterans.

While we're at it, why are there horror stories of amputees havng to return each year to demonstrate that they are still without their lost limbs? How about all the stalling on the issue of post-traumatic stress disorder and actually providing support for that?

You have a heck of a bad record when your military has counted more suicides among its returning soldiers than combat deaths in Afghanistan. Cannon fodder, I think they used to call that.

Further reading here and here.

We sent you into
danger and when you got hurt
we tried not to pay

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