23 September 2015

#53 A [Single] Act to Govern Canada

When he was in the opposition, and even before that as a member of the National Citizens’ Coalition, Mr. Harper was of the opinion that omnibus legislation — a single law that provides for the amendment of a number of other laws — was the height of disrespect for democracy. Oh, that tune has certainly changed.

The object of Mr. Harper’s derision of the Liberal government of the time was a law with dozens of pages. His own efforts? Hundreds, even thousands of pages. And with clauses that really have nothing to do with the principal subject matter of the legislation. Everything — from union busting to the curtailing of environmental regulations — has become a footnote in the legislation to enact the budget. This means that, instead of particular clauses being studied by the Employment Committee or the Environment Committee, it all goes to the committee studying the budget.

I don’t know why they don’t just table a single huge piece of legislation called “An Act to Govern Canada” and hide whatever they want in it. That might at least be a little more honest.

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To avoid debate
just hide the worst of your plans
in a giant law

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