12 November 2011

Eleven: Be Prepared

Now we have all had this experience: waiting in a long line, be it for the check-out in a store or to get onto the bus, and the person ahead waits until the last possible moment to begin looking for her/his change, bus pass, etc.
Hello? Did you not realize that you were in line and that you would eventually be expected to pay for your purchases or your passage on the bus?

If you don't have it right in your hand as you get to the moment of truth, would it be too much to ask for you to at least know where you will find it? Arriving at the cashier or the fare box is not the moment to start digging through your mal-organized purse or backpack to find what everyone else has ready for use.
Get organized or get out of the way! (Totally harsh today.)

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www.Greercn.wordpress.com said...

Then they look surprised when asked if they have an Air Miles card and start searching again. And when they get asked if they have a store card, for extra points, they start searching all over again. I seem to have finally broken my seemingly endless loop of always being behind people who look shocked that a commercial transaction will take place and start to prepare at the till for a long struggle with money and cards. Thank goodness that losing streak ended!