16 November 2011

Fifteen: Pot and Kettle

Some of the frequency of the inspiration for today's rant has died down with the waning popularity of a certain candidate for the Republican nomination for the Presidency in the US, but it's still a worthwhile point to make.

I want to know just what the activists who delight in referring to Michele Bachmann's husband as Ladybird Bachmann think they are doing. Are there some traits of former President Lyndon Johnson's wife hidden from me by my own ignorance of American political star culture of the past that are being transposed to Mr. Bachmann, or is this something else?

Oh, I am certainly not going to defend this whole "ex-gay therapy" thing. I find it objectionable and stupid, not to mention futile. But if you are an activist who is working to put an end to homophobic attitudes and practices, and then in the course of your work you mock someone with a name that you have based on your perception of his sexuality, how are you different from any other homophobe?

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