05 November 2011

Four: Bilingualism, version fédérale

The federal government is demonstrating its true level of respect for the francophone reality in Canada, and that level is disappointingly low.

First there was the Prime Minister's Communications chief: not only a unilingual anglophone, but also one who has openly opined in the past that francophones have too much influence in Ottawa.

Next a Supreme Court justice who is a unilingual anglophone.

And now, the best example of all. A new Auditor General, a job that requires bilingualism (it's in the job description!), now brought to you in English only. But he assures us that he will meet the qualifications of the job within a year.

Try to flip these examples around: would anyone have accepted a unilingual francophone in any of these three positions? I think not. I think there would have been an uproar.

I'm thoroughly disgusted.

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