13 November 2011

Thirteen: Class

I tend to take the train to go to meetings out of town, particularly when they are in Toronto or Ottawa. People in western Canada don't get to experience the level of train service we get in the Québec City to Windsor corridor, which is a terrible shame, but this is an extremely viable option to get to where you're going here.

Particularly appealing in this age of airline security, lineups, taking off your shoes and being very careful about what you pack in your suitcase is the fact that you can pretty much arrive a half hour before departure and be among the first on the train. Your luggage is generally with you, not winging its way elsewhere, and you can bring your extra large size of cologne without having to throw it into a barrel before you get to the invasive security screening. Oh yeah, that's because there is none of that invasive security screening. Then again, it would be a bit difficult to hijack a train, they're notoriously difficult to turn around.

But let me get to the train-related rant. When you buy them early enough, tickets in business class (Via1) are extremely affordable and compare favourably to air fares. Plus, you get fed (looks even better than the last time I received a meal without specifically paying for it on a domestic flight) and provided with a cocktail and wine with dinner. Pretty sweet deal.

It all leaves me with just one question: if we're in first class, why do we have to walk the furthest to get to our train car? How's that for an entirely bourgeois self-indulgent rant?! ;-)

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