05 November 2011

Five: All Grown Up

There is nothing I detest more than having more done for me than I want. That probably bears some additional explanation. I'm all grown up and there are a certain number of things that I expect to do for myself and that I resent having offered to me.

The follow-up to my most recent visit to the doctor exposed one of these situations for me. I have always been ultra responsible in the making and keeping of my medical appointments. Imagine my surprise about a week after my most recent appointment when I arrived home to a message in my voice mail announcing the date and time of my next appointment.

This is not something pressing or a case of trying to wedge myself into a busy schedule as fast as possible. This is a regular follow-up appointment four months into the future. I have always made these appointments on my own in the past and I will do so in the future, including this one that has been so graciously done for me, against my wishes.

When we get closer, I will determine the date and time that work for me and I will change that appointment to suit myself.

I can't wait until I get even older and more people younger than I decide what I will be doing.


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