10 November 2011

Nine: Decorum

Now, I have complained about this before: eating inappropriately in public.

Yesterday's experience of taking the bus to work was a new all-time low. I didn't have to witness the act, but I got to experience the aftermath in a big way. As I made my way to my seat on the bus, a accidentally stepped on something odd on the step up to the back of the bus.

My unforeseen obstacle? A chicken bone! "Who eats chicken on the bus and then just throws the bone on the floor? Barbarians!

At least it isn't as bad as the New York subway spaghetti incident.


Zeke said...


How'd you find the spaghetti incident? It's hilarious!

Ken Monteith said...

Fun, isn't it? I was up on my high horse (original post linked at the beginning of this one) about people eating in public and serached YouTube for anything that would make the point. I'm not sure I would have confronted anyone, though...I would probably just judge in silence! ;-)