01 November 2011

Thirty Rants Hath November

I am entirely and most painfully aware of how much I have neglected my blog over the last two (!) months.

This is my curmudgeonly attempt to set a challenge for myself to reinvigorate my story-telling efforts. What better way than to lash out against the inanities I see about me? There may even be enough time for me to post other things during the month, so I will carefully identify the rants by number.

A friend has suggested that I also embark on a process of documenting the positive things in life. My reply was that I might reserve February for that. (If you don't pick up on why, you may be the subject of a future rant!)

So hang on to your hats (attachez vos toques!) — this is shaping up to be a gripey month. And if ever you have ideas to contribute to my cause, feel free to leave them for me in the comments.


Pamela said...

This is like an advent calendar of rants!

Ken Monteith said...

I hope you find them as tasty as little chocolates!