25 November 2011

Twenty-three: Get a Grip

Anyone who takes public transit regularly has seen this. Well, maybe not the version above, but the person who leans against or so wraps her/himself around the vertical pole in the bus or metro that no one else can use it for support.

What, what, what are they thinking?!! The answer, of course, is that they are not thinking. Absorbed with thoughts of their own comfort, they are oblivious to the needs of those around them. I feel that when someone does this, I am entitled to stand uncomfortably close to them, so that they will break my fall if there is a sudden stop.

My other observation about this comes from my bus ride home the other day. The boy w2as draped all over the vertical cushion meant to line up with the back of a wheelchair and his arms snaked around the available poles. Cute, yes, but not so cute as to avoid my scorn from taking up all the hand grips on a crowded bus.

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