29 November 2011

Mission accomplished!

I was going to use that other image — you know the one: George W. Bush on the deck of the aircraft carrier with the big "Mission Accomplished" sign behind him, announcing the…uh…middle? of the Iraq war. I really didn't want to be associated with that venture or that player.

No, my mission was actually accomplished. I set out to reactivate my blog writing after a too-long period of silence by challenging myself to produce thirty posts on the theme of Thirty Rants Hath November. And I have done it.

I expect I will be a little less prolific in the coming times, as I return to a pace a little more normal for me, but I am determined not to neglect this space, even in the midst of a number of difficult funding applications at work. The month of November was not my easiest and I still managed to do this, so I can do anything with enough determination behind me.

The other challenge I have coming up, lobbed my way by a friend, is to balance my curmudgeonly observations with a little more positivity. It won't be an exclusive series, and it won't follow the same blistering pace, but I will share the good stuff with you. I'm going to file these ones under the label "Life's Beauty and Magic," which already exists on the blog. It will have to be my ongoing mission to grow the size of that label so its font is bigger than that of the label "Rant."

And I know I can do that. Will you join me?


Greer said...

Congratulations! I have enjoyed your rants.

Zeke said...


Double Ditto on the congrats.