20 August 2015

#14 Kicking It Down the Road

Before the Tories came into power, they made it clear that they were no friends of the environment. No plan of their own, they were content to sit back and criticize the previous Liberal government's lack of action to meet the goals set out in the Kyoto protocol. They are, in fact, hostile to the idea of limiting carbon emissions, as that would be a “job killer”, which is true, I suppose, if your entire economic strategy consists of extracting petroleum from the ground that selling it.

So we tend to have very few expectations when Canada now participates in international talks about climate change and the need to limit and reverse levels of carbon emissions to try to slow down the changes that are ravaging parts of the planet, and even parts of Canada (but I guess that's Jesus doing that, not industry, so we ought to throw our hands up in defeatist acquiescence to the inevitable).

Image the surprise that there was some kind of international agreement to end the use of carbon-based fuels and that Canada had participated in those talks! It all makes sense when you dig deep enough below the headline to see the timeline: by 2100.

Now that's kicking the can down the road a bit, isn't it?!

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Pressing problem now
let's set goals to deal with it
in eighty-five years

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