07 August 2015

#5 Neither rain nor hail nor Tory blight

So a couple of years ago the crown corporation that is Canada Post had a deficit! Perish the thought in a world where each thing, including a service that delivers letters and parcels to every corner of the country and not just the high traffic areas, must be self-sustaining or closed down. If it’s self-sustaining, of course, politicians of a certain stripe will find a way to sell it off, likely to their friends (they have wealthier friends that the rest of us) and likely to “balance” yet another budget by selling assets.

In response to this unthinkable deficit, a five point plan. I don’t remember what the points all were, but I’m pretty sure they revolved around charging more for less service and squeezing their employees for concessions, but that’s only three. In fact, there was a large shock of a price increase on letters and parcels, too, I believe, and then a plan to phase out home mail delivery and replace it with community mailboxes. For everyone.

The problem with those community mailboxes, particularly in an area with high population density, is that they are unsightly, and would be the only thing we could see in our major cities, where there is no room for them anyway. Beyond unsightly, some serious concerns about their safety and their accessibility for anyone with mobility problems, especially in winter.

Then comes the next problem with the plan: the giant rate hike made that terrible moneypit of a postal service turn a sizeable profit last year, well before any of the cost savings of eliminating home delivery. Now how do you justify the service reduction when what you’re doing is turning a profit in addition to its being considered an essential service across the country?

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What does the postman
always do? Ring twice, or build
unsightly boxes?

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