07 August 2015

#4 Now you see it…

There’s nothing to grease the lead-up to an election campaign like a raft of cheques being sent out to households across the country, the new improved Child Care Benefit. There’s a good reason that things like that aren’t allowed to happen during the election campaign, but I wonder what might have been the reason for the delay in sending them out until the weeks before the election call? Remember that the cheques were retroactive to January 1st, so I guess it took a long time to write and sign all the cheques, and that’s the explanation for the timing?

Worse still is the fact that this “boost” in the Child Care Benefit is accompanied by the elimination of the Child Tax Credit that the people who got the cheques won’t see until they do their taxes, several months after the election. Purely coincidental, I’m sure.

In case the timing alone were not enough of a scandal, we had the delightful opportunity to see a ministerial photo opportunity with a forbidden partisan touch: Pierre Poilièvre in a Conservative Party polo shirt making an official government announcement. Wanna bet that any expenses related to this activity will be borne by you and me?

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Team Tory writes cheques
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