25 August 2015

#24 Odd Man Out

Considering that the British North America Act, since evolved into the Constitution Act, sets forth a number of areas in which federal and provincial governments share  jurisdiction, and that there is an imbalance between the expected role of governments today and the taxation powers of the players, it is of vital importance that they talk. Apparently not Mr. Harper's opinion.

While Prime Ministers past have met regularly with their provincial counterparts to discuss all manner of issues in the interest of better responding to the needs of their respective constituents. The federal government, after all, shares constituents with each and every province and territory, so one would think it might have an interest in their being happy and satisfied. But no, this Prime Minister seems to want his way and will sabotage any attempt to go down another path. If some things have been accomplished on a collaborative level between the provinces, it has been despite this Prime Minister and not because of him.

Why has this Prime Minister been so absent from the gatherings of the thirteen others? Why does he spend his time demonizing the ones he doesn't like instead of sitting around the table and making is policy points in a healthy debate? A person might be excused for thinking that this is one guy who just does not play well with others. Maybe his shared constituents in each province and territory will put the blame for a dysfunctional federal system where it ought to lie: squarely at Mr. Harper's feet.

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If I can't set all
the rules, I will take my toys
and play by myself

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