09 August 2015

#9 Rights Dying on the Order Paper

When you can’t propose legislation to explicitly take away people’s rights, you can always get all passive-aggressive and allow the private member’s bill that would have protected the rights of an unprotected minority to die on the order paper of the Senate (you know, that place you sent your spendthrift friends).

It is actually quite surprising that the House of Commons managed to approve a bill to protect trans rights proposed by NDP MP Randall Garrison. Less surprising is that the bill was gutted in committee in the Senate and then left to die on the order paper. Not killed by the election call was the bill to compel certain financial disclosure by unions (but not by companies, I guess).

I guess it’s more important to impose superfluous extra obligations on democratic structures that don’t agree with you than to protect a minority that is discriminated against both socially and systemically. Priorities, hmmm?

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