22 August 2015

#20 Gone Fishin'

Sometimes, when a man is fishing, he just loses track of time. Surely that would be the explanation for sending an armed forces helicopter to a fishing lodge to retrieve the Minister of Defence, who was there on a personal vacation.

The story also shows us that if you get caught out on this kind of use of government resources, you have several recourses:

• invent a reason for which this might be a reasonable action for a Minister, like evaluating the response times of search and rescue operations;

• order your staff to try to dig up dirt on those who would criticise you, trying to see if any of them had previously taken rides on military aircraft;

• attack said individuals with the information you obtain;

• when it turns out that the requests for their ride-alongs originated from your office, just clam up and hope the whole thing goes away.

Sometimes pointing fingers means never having to say you're sorry.

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you catch the whopper, don't get
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