20 August 2015

#15 I See Nothing

Sometimes I worry that the delight that I and many others are feeling as we watch the unfolding of the trial of suspended Senator Mike Duffy (oh, that's right, he's back on the payroll for the duration of the election campaign) is not shared by the whole of the electorate. Could there be people out there who are closing their eyes, covering their ears, chanting and rocking back and forth to block out any negative portrayals of the Prime Minister?

This is the guy who maintained such a tight grip on his party and his government that he managed to keep most of them from saying anything too over-the-top outrageous for years. For the first couple of minority mandates they had, it was almost rare to see a cabinet minister make an announcement pertaining to his or her department — all announcements of import were made by The One.

So in this context, it is a bit difficult to believe that Mr. Harper knew nothing of the rather large cabal around him to quietly pay back the expenses that Senator Duffy ought never to have claimed in the first place, and to shut down any discussion of just how that might have unfolded. Also, how does someone get charged with accepting a bribe for accepting a transfer of funds when the person who transferred those funds is accused of nothing whatsoever?

The image in my head is of the Prime Minister in the closet of his party's caucus room, eyes closed tightly, hands over his ears, chanting something about his being the best manager Canada has ever had.

Further reading here. Or just open your local newspaper to read the latest from the trial currently underway in Ottawa.

“I knew nothing” says
he who claims to know it all
Willful blindness much?

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