09 August 2015

#6 If you’re not with us…

We live in one of the most peaceful countries in the world. We used to live in one of the most universally liked/respected countries in the world, but someone has been perverting our foreign policy for the last few years, trying to be more warlike than peacelike. Remember how one of our former prime ministers won the Nobel Peace Prize for having come up with the idea of UN Peacekeepers? I don’t think we even participate in that anymore. Just sad.

What goes along with that, of course, is identifying and demonizing an enemy, to the point of inspiring the less tolerant in our society to take out their fury and fear on people living here who have not so much as jaywalked (well, except in Montréal where it’s a way of life). And if it weren’t enough to identify people by ethnicity or religion, we are also to go overboard and start using the “T” word with anyone who doesn’t wholeheartedly agree with the policies of the current ideologues in power, and anyone who wouldn’t target all of the above as being “soft on terror”.

Hey, isn’t there a new offence in the Keeping Decent Canadian Families Safe From the Scourge of Environmentalists and Other Terrorists Act (close enough on the name) that says something about terrorist hoaxes. Like spreading news that would lead the public to believe there is a terrorist threat while knowing there isn’t? Can we charge the prime minister?

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