22 August 2015

#21 Ice, Ice, Baby

It's always a nice thing to see a father spending time with his children. When Dad works long hours, those things you are able to do together are as rare as they are special. So I guess it should warm all of our hearts that we have helped to pay for Mr. Harper to spend a little quality time with his children, right?

I am, of course, talking about the infamous use of the government jet to fly with his daughter to Boston to take in a hockey game. Oh, he paid for his own tickets to the game (should we be thankful for that?) and then he reimbursed the equivalent of what a commercial airline ticket would have cost, but that was hardly anything like the cost of sending the government jet with crew to Boston and back.

They will tell you that the Prime Minister cannot travel on commercial flights because of security concerns, but I would ask when and how the Prime Minister of Canada became a big — or even known — target for anyone out there in the world. Could it be that, having transformed the country from peacekeeper to combatant he is now worried about his own safety? And shouldn't the security measures that inconvenience and protect us all suffice to protect the guy who has frittered away our positive reputation in the world?

Why am I feeling a little less safe about my own air travel after his shining example?

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He pays the expense
that you and I would have paid
but flies private jet

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