09 August 2015

#7 Protecting Our Freedom by Taking it Away

While we’re on the topic of the government’s so-called anti-terrorist legislation, let’s look at it. Apparently all of us are suspect and must be ready to give up our freedoms in order to protect them. Wait, what?

With little oversight, policing and spy agencies will be allowed to pretty much gather whatever information they want about us, including our otherwise private communications. Acts of civil disobedience might also be considered terrorism in the definition of this piece of…legislation…so I guess this will be one more time that we will have to wait years and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars before the Supreme Court finally declares it unconstitutional. At least the opposition parties voted agoinst it and are promising to repeal it — or at least most of them.

And you can cross out those mobility rights, too, if they get re-elected, as the Dear Leader has announced that he will criminalize "travel to places where terrorists are active" if he gets back in.

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Speaking? Assembling?
Not supporting the PM?
You are dangerous!

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